Cannabis chain a farm the world's greenest coin

A 100% decentralized and eco-friendly blockchain that enables everyone to farm by using their free disk storage. We think farming is the future of Cryptocurrencies. Cannabis’s blockchain implements Proof of Space and Time (PoST) instead of Proof of Work (PoW), drastically reducing energy consumption.

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Cannabis Wallets

Download the Cannabis wallet according to your operating system.

You have 100% control over your Cannabis coin.

What is CannabisChain?

CannabisChain is a direct fork of the Chia™ Network codebase built by space farmers as a fully decentralized alternative green cryptocurrency that can be secured alongside Chia™ while consuming negligible additional power.

We aim to be a community-driven fork reflecting the will of our users, while promoting and recognizing excellent contributions to the Chia and CannabisChain user communities. CannabisChain is not affiliated with Chia Network, Inc., but builds on their great open-source work.

Using the CannabisChain App

1. Download CannabisChain Wallet

Download Wallet from our Download Source Code . A Wallet is used for mining your Cannabischain directly on your Computer.

2. Install Wallet and create Account

Create New Private Key – Choose this option to create and farm Cannabischain on new plots. You will not be able to access your existing Chia plots with this option alone.

Import From Mnemonics (24 Words)– Choose this option to import and start farming on your existing Chia plots